Snake Oil

Trigger Alert!  What you are about to read may cause anger and confusion. Do not kill the messenger.

Donald Trump has claimed repeatedly that America is no longer “Great.”

He has based his whole campaign on that slogan.

He is absolutely right. Continue reading

The Republican Insurgency

The term “insurgency” is one usually associated with the Middle East and developing countries, but Noam Chomsky recently used it to describe the Republican Party in this country, and that sent me scrambling for a dictionary.  Apparently, the word must have some other meaning than the one I was used to. Continue reading

A Line Has Been Crossed

It’s starting.

It started before the election geared up, but it grew to maturity with the Republican candidates. They have set the stage.  Some more than others. Continue reading


Some time back I wrote a piece called “Back to Square One.” In that essay I laid out the basic premise that if there are limited resources and that if one group has most of them, the only way anyone else will get any at all is if we find a way to create more resources or the group with the most gives some up. I’m hardly the first person to make that observation.

There I was speaking about the population growth projections for the next 35 years and the world as a whole. The same reasoning applies to this country and to this time. Continue reading