Reason’s Last Stand

Every few years scientists inform the press that an asteroid will make a “near miss” of earth, passing within x number of miles of our planet.  This usually gets page 3 (or sometimes page 2) coverage.  I’ve never seen an article claiming that this is a hoax and that there is not near-miss event about to occur. Continue reading

What Will You Do?

Have you given any thought to what you will do if they win?

You know who I mean.

Some of them are people who attended Kevin Swanson’s “Religious Liberty Conference” and followed him onstage after he pranced about admonishing people not to “carve happy faces on open, puss-y sores,” “don’t you dare carve happy faces on open, puss-y sores,“ and called for the execution of homosexuals.  Yes, execution, not immediately, but after they have been given a chance to repent. Continue reading


What does it take to motivate large numbers of people to put down their remotes and become actively involved in the affairs of the world?

You really ought to spend some time thinking on this one, because the answer may just turn out to be pretty important. Continue reading

Let the Tantrums Commence

logo 2015 250x325The smoke and dust are starting to clear in my small, northwest town after the roving bands of same-sex engaged couples looted shops and tore down goal posts, overturning cars and setting fire to bibles. Across the country, millions of gay celebrants shut down the economy, waving pseudo ISIS flags depicting disgusting sex toys. Rainbow–clad-60-something-same-sex couples picketed in Kansas outside the Westboro Baptist Church and chanted “neener, neener” while hugging and kissing each other with serpent-like tongues while Facebook turned everyone’s profile picture into a Skittle bag.

The end of the freaking world has come! The apocalypse is swirling down from heaven on the wings of the four horsemen and the fallen angels of Satan’s armies are rising from the bowels of the earth to consume the wicked nine old men and women who have defiled God’s most holy of holies by letting more people seek comfort in it.

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