PC – Pragmatically Correct


Words are important.

Language is what separates mankind from the lower animals, that and an opposable thumb, of course.

We revere people who have used language well.  From Shakespeare to Dickens to Hemingway, we admire good writing.  We spend millions on the writing of people like Steven King and JK Rowling.   Our children still memorize the words of Abraham Lincoln, written on an envelope at Gettysburg. Continue reading

The PC Fallacy

It’s come to this. I never thought I would ever come to the defense of political correctness.  I’ve been bitching about the pettiness of most political correctness for years.   But some people just have to shut the hell up about political correctness being what’s wrong with our country. Continue reading

Priorities Lost

You do not have a constitutional right to be an asshole.

Just because you think no one knows who you are, you can’t just stick your bare ass out a car window, fart, and then be surprised when someone shoots it off.

Just because you hide behind a pseudonym when you troll someone’s blog site doesn’t mean that the bile you upchuck isn’t hurtful and pathetic. And there are ways to track you down, by the way.

And when you call someone names and tell lies about them in a social media meme, even if it’s only by sharing that meme, it doesn’t mean that you’re funny, and you have not advanced your cause; it means you’re part of a colossal problem in this country. Continue reading