Patriot Games

Consider this:  The word “patriotism” has never been well-defined.  Or perhaps it has never been defined well.

The dictionary says patriotism is “the quality of being patriotic.”  Well, that’s about as helpful as a pet pig in a manure wallow.  It continues, “Vigorous support for one’s country.” Continue reading

Smoke and Mirrors 2

[This was originally posted one year ago next week. It seems timely again.   I’ve made some changes and additions to reflect today’s reality, but it has held up pretty well.]

Sometimes I wonder what the hell people are thinking.  I know; I know; I’m supposed to be nice, and I’m supposed to be politically correct and I’m supposed to be tolerant, but really?  When people post pictures of a stone wall started in the 7th century BC and tout it as a solution to a 21st century immigration issue, I have to wonder what alien plague has taken over their brains. Continue reading