The Needs of the Many

We are fourteen months out from the 2016 presidential election. As John Oliver said, there will be children born before then whose parents haven’t even met. And yet there is this sense of … something, isn’t there? If you look carefully you can almost see dogs rouse from sleep, lift their heads, and sniff the air with disquiet, and birds burst from the trees in flocks of confusion and panic. Bunny rabbits are about to stampede but seem unsure about which way to go. There is an apprehension, a low, unheard vibration. Something isn’t right. Or perhaps nothing is right. Continue reading


Some time back I wrote a piece called “Back to Square One.” In that essay I laid out the basic premise that if there are limited resources and that if one group has most of them, the only way anyone else will get any at all is if we find a way to create more resources or the group with the most gives some up. I’m hardly the first person to make that observation.

There I was speaking about the population growth projections for the next 35 years and the world as a whole. The same reasoning applies to this country and to this time. Continue reading