The Arsonists Among Us

Or How We Got to This Point Part III

As a country we are beset with so many problems and issues that it is difficult to even contemplate where to begin.  We are hammered, day in and day out with the shouted noise from the so-called mainstream media, the social media, bloggers like me, the politicians, the lobbyists, the left, the right, the religious interests, the corporate interests, legal interests, the global interests, the nationalist interests, trade interests, election reform, the security issues, the gun rights issues, the right-to-life or get-to-choose issues, education issues, climate issues, black lives matter, blue lives matter, all lives matter, no lives matter.

What matters most? Where do we start? Continue reading

Priorities Lost

You do not have a constitutional right to be an asshole.

Just because you think no one knows who you are, you can’t just stick your bare ass out a car window, fart, and then be surprised when someone shoots it off.

Just because you hide behind a pseudonym when you troll someone’s blog site doesn’t mean that the bile you upchuck isn’t hurtful and pathetic. And there are ways to track you down, by the way.

And when you call someone names and tell lies about them in a social media meme, even if it’s only by sharing that meme, it doesn’t mean that you’re funny, and you have not advanced your cause; it means you’re part of a colossal problem in this country. Continue reading

The Trouble with Lemmings

curmudgeon logo2About a year ago, after deciding that social media wasn’t a fad that was going to disappear any time soon, I joined Facebook.  I did it primarily as a way to reconnect with old students, keep up on what my own children were up to, perhaps find old acquaintances, and trade interesting tidbits with current friends.  As you might imagine, my “friends” list is a mish-mash of the extreme left, the extreme right, middle-of-the-roaders, and people whose only joy in life seems to be sharing a picture of another cat. Continue reading