More Inconvenient Truths

We spend a great deal of time worrying about trivial issues, but then again, trivial is a relative term.

Sooner or later, our sun will go all nova on our ass, destroying not only this planet, but all of the others we haven’t demoted from that status.  We usually don’t worry too much about that.  Not going to happen tomorrow, right?

Of course, long before the sun goes full-on kaboom, it will have expanded to the point where Earth is nothing but a cinder anyway.  We don’t worry much about that either.

When it comes to non-trivial things, these are right up there on the top of the wowser list.  But we don’t waste time thinking too much about those things because they are what you might call long-range problems.  Like, really long-range; billions of years long-range.  In fact, it’s so long-range that it is a trivial concern for us, right now. Continue reading