Pleasant Progressive1Tomorrow marks our annual celebration of Earth Day. Gaylord Nelson, a progressive Senator from Wisconsin, founded Earth Day in 1970 and it’s been a staple of the environmental movement ever since. As a kid, I remember planting trees and picking up trash on Earth Day. As an adult, I haven’t really been a consistent observer—it sneaks up on me each spring when I’m least expecting it. Continue reading


Pleasant Progressive1Spring has officially arrived in D.C.—the cherry blossoms are blooming and the tourists are everywhere. As these out of town guests descend on the city to poke around the Tidal Basin and walk slowly down the Mall, tensions among city dwellers are running higher than normal. Continue reading

Snowquester Cogitations

Pleasant Progressive1It’s snowing in Washington, D.C. and the federal government has shut itself down. The Hill is still working, though it’s very unclear for what purpose. In observance of my semi-snowday—watching white stuff fall, stuck at work doing not much of anything important—I’d like to celebrate with a few random thoughts which I’ll thematically label “snowquester cogitations.” Continue reading

Does Obama Care?

curmudgeon logo2Politics is weird stuff.  Here we are being sequestrated (which may be something like being castrated), the president doesn’t actually sit down with the “opposition” until the 12th hour; the Republicans are planning the next stand-off rather than working on the present one; both bases are tickled pinko their guys “held the line,” and the rest of us are wondering if the right to vote isn’t about as important as a phone-in to American Idol. Continue reading

Questions of Epistemology

Pleasant Progressive1Thanks to their ongoing foot-in-mouth problems, I’ve been mulling over the concept of Republicans saying down right asinine things for a while now. Women’s bodies can shut down pregnancies when it’s “real rape”? Universal access to health care won’t save us money in the long run? Climate change isn’t real? There were weapons of mass destruction? It’s crazy talk—and they keep doing it! Continue reading