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The term “constitutional crises” has been on and off in the news for the past two years. While I have seen various definitions of the term, I think the easiest to understand is “the constitution doesn’t tell us what to do.”

In our current situation, the term certainly applies. Continue reading

Issues, Policy, and Politics – Part 1

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Since some of you don’t follow FB, I thought I would repeat this series here.

Part 1

There are important issues that need our attention.

Unfortunately, you can’t solve the vast majority of them.

Here’s an example: income inequality.

We have people in this country working several jobs who can’t afford to both feed their kids and put a roof over their heads while others, no brighter, nor more deserving (no matter what the prosperity gospel says), make millions.

It is a huge damn problem. Continue reading

Why Bernie

Pleasant Progressive LogoMore than a few Democrats I love and respect are considering supporting Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential primary election. The Democratic field is all of two people, and the other candidate is a household name with exceptional political pedigree—so the decision to vote for a relatively unknown “democratic socialist” Senator from Vermont is not the path of least resistance. If you’re a Bernie fan, I assume you’ve chosen to support him because you’ve read, you’ve studied, and you’ve differentiated. If you’re on the fence, I ask that you do just a bit more reading, studying, and differentiating before you buy into “feeling the Bern.” I respectfully submit the following six questions for your consideration in this effort. Continue reading

The Ultimatum Mentality

logo 2015 250x325Let’s forget the labels. Just for a bit, OK? No trigger words.

Some people like the idea of a nuclear deal with Iran. Some don’t. One has to assume that each and every one of these people has a reason to think as they do. That’s probably too much to wish for, but let’s be charitable. Continue reading

Channeling Your Inner Beale

logo 2015 250x325Learning is a cumulative experience.

You can’t forget what you learned in yesterday’s lesson just because when you got up this morning there was a new lesson to be mastered. Learning, like life, requires that you apply yesterday’s experiences to the prospects ahead of you.

So why aren’t you angry? Continue reading

How Education Became the Enemy

logo 2015 250x325If there’s anything that chaps my ass more than having to watch Ted Cruz do Simpson impressions, it’s having to watch another politician interfering with American public education.

In case you missed the memo, the American educational system is in crisis and has been for years. Apparently those lazy, overpaid teachers backed by their godless, socialist unions are simply not up to the task of running our schools and people like Scott Dream-Walker, who never bothered to graduate from college himself, need to step in and make it all better in places like Wisconsin by cutting funding and abolishing tenure. Continue reading

Let the Tantrums Commence

logo 2015 250x325The smoke and dust are starting to clear in my small, northwest town after the roving bands of same-sex engaged couples looted shops and tore down goal posts, overturning cars and setting fire to bibles. Across the country, millions of gay celebrants shut down the economy, waving pseudo ISIS flags depicting disgusting sex toys. Rainbow–clad-60-something-same-sex couples picketed in Kansas outside the Westboro Baptist Church and chanted “neener, neener” while hugging and kissing each other with serpent-like tongues while Facebook turned everyone’s profile picture into a Skittle bag.

The end of the freaking world has come! The apocalypse is swirling down from heaven on the wings of the four horsemen and the fallen angels of Satan’s armies are rising from the bowels of the earth to consume the wicked nine old men and women who have defiled God’s most holy of holies by letting more people seek comfort in it.

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The Red Pill

logo 2015 250x325So, a guy walks into a church… What? Too soon?

Bullshit! A guy walks into a church… a guy walks into a school… a guy walks into a mall… This is America and in America this is a common occurrence. As that great Kenyan liar and black Nazi Satan, President Barack Hussein Obama pointed out the other day, “we as a country, we have to reckon with the fact that this mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries. It doesn’t happen in other places with this kind of frequency.”

Because America is the greatest country in the world! We are exceptional! We have a God-given freedom to kill each other as often as we see fit. Kill our kids in their schools, kill each other in our movie theaters, and kill those uppity black SOBs in their churches. Because…America, that’s why; America, hell yeah, with the confederate battle flag (a symbol of sedition and treason) flying proudly near the capital building in SC and on bumper stickers across the south (and Alaska). Continue reading

Back to Square One – The Culture War

[Part 3 of a Series]logo 2015 250x325

Michigan has passed a bill that allows anyone in a state funded adoption agency to refuse to let you adopt a child if that person feels allowing that adoption goes against his or her religious beliefs. The bill is meant to keep same-sex marriage couples from adopting, but since stating that explicitly would be illegal discrimination, that part is left out. Apparently it’s ok from the point of view of these so-called legislators to discriminate so long as you try to hide that fact. So now employees can refuse to allow you to adopt for any reason at all so long as they claim that reason is based on their religious beliefs. Continue reading

Back To Square One – Part 2

logo 2015 250x325Marco Rubio has inadvertently said something important. (Pause for this to sink in and the mandatory face-palm.)

Rubio, a Republican presidential candidate with a negative net worth, was baptized a Mormon and is now a Catholic. He is the son of Cuban immigrants who has sworn to undo the present administration’s actions to normalize relations with Cuba. He did significant work on an immigration bill which he now would like to forget. He believes life begins at conception, favors ultrasounds before abortions, voted against stem cell research, and wants to give legal rights to unborn children. Continue reading