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The term “constitutional crises” has been on and off in the news for the past two years. While I have seen various definitions of the term, I think the easiest to understand is “the constitution doesn’t tell us what to do.”

In our current situation, the term certainly applies. Continue reading

Issues, Policy, and Politics – Parts 11 & 12

The following was originally posted on Facebook.

Since some of you don’t follow FB, I thought I would repeat this series here.

Part 11
Actions vs Consequences

To be brutally honest with ourselves, we must admit that the election of Barrack Obama to the presidency divided the country in a way we had not seen before and that we did not expect. It galvanized a portion of the country into blind opposition from the day he took office. They were livid that we could elect that N*****. They questioned his legitimacy, they called his wife names, and they refused to cooperate with anything he proposed. This is all hard to hear; it is hard to say. It is, however, true. Continue reading