Snake Oil

Trigger Alert!  What you are about to read may cause anger and confusion. Do not kill the messenger.

Donald Trump has claimed repeatedly that America is no longer “Great.”

He has based his whole campaign on that slogan.

He is absolutely right. Continue reading

Smoke and Mirrors 2

[This was originally posted one year ago next week. It seems timely again.   I’ve made some changes and additions to reflect today’s reality, but it has held up pretty well.]

Sometimes I wonder what the hell people are thinking.  I know; I know; I’m supposed to be nice, and I’m supposed to be politically correct and I’m supposed to be tolerant, but really?  When people post pictures of a stone wall started in the 7th century BC and tout it as a solution to a 21st century immigration issue, I have to wonder what alien plague has taken over their brains. Continue reading