Reason’s Last Stand

Every few years scientists inform the press that an asteroid will make a “near miss” of earth, passing within x number of miles of our planet.  This usually gets page 3 (or sometimes page 2) coverage.  I’ve never seen an article claiming that this is a hoax and that there is not near-miss event about to occur. Continue reading

The Republican Insurgency

The term “insurgency” is one usually associated with the Middle East and developing countries, but Noam Chomsky recently used it to describe the Republican Party in this country, and that sent me scrambling for a dictionary.  Apparently, the word must have some other meaning than the one I was used to. Continue reading

The New Sacred and Profane

When was the last time we stoned someone to death for any crime in this country?

The bible says that there are a number of crimes for which this is the requisite punishment.  Why don’t we do that?  Why don’t we stone gays as Leviticus tells us to?  Why don’t we kill adulterers?

Are we just bad Christians? Continue reading