A Line Has Been Crossed

It’s starting.

It started before the election geared up, but it grew to maturity with the Republican candidates. They have set the stage.  Some more than others. Continue reading

Now There Is Paris

Ben Carson thinks that the Jews might not have experienced the holocaust if they had been armed.

Newt Gingrich thinks that if there had been a dozen or so armed people with concealed carry permits in the Bataclan concert hall, so much bloodshed could have been avoided.

Guns, they tell us, are the answer.

Strength, American might, planes, ships, tanks, concealed weapons; we will prevail!  Glory and God are on our side.  Kill the bastards now before they have a chance to kill us in our sleep. Continue reading

What Will You Do?

Have you given any thought to what you will do if they win?

You know who I mean.

Some of them are people who attended Kevin Swanson’s “Religious Liberty Conference” and followed him onstage after he pranced about admonishing people not to “carve happy faces on open, puss-y sores,” “don’t you dare carve happy faces on open, puss-y sores,“ and called for the execution of homosexuals.  Yes, execution, not immediately, but after they have been given a chance to repent. Continue reading

Blood from a Stone

While the Republican presidential candidates are still wiping the spittle off their chins from their anger over the unfair treatment they received at the hands of the “liberal media,” in the last debate, the rest of the extreme right continues on its merry way toward joining them in a state of complete denial of reality. Continue reading