What does it take to motivate large numbers of people to put down their remotes and become actively involved in the affairs of the world?

You really ought to spend some time thinking on this one, because the answer may just turn out to be pretty important. Continue reading

Talking to the Enemy

Interesting story.  Once upon a time there was a group of people who spoke the same language.  They got along well and decided to build a city together.  Actually they were all the people who existed at the time, and this was a big deal.  So they built a city and a big tower to show how clever and important they were, sort of like Dubai, I guess. Continue reading

How We Got To This Point

I can explain this. I can. I can explain how we got to this point. I can explain Donald Trump and Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee and all the rest. No one can explain Carly Fiorina, of course, so I won’t even try there, but if you are willing to bear with me, here is how it all went down. It’s a good story. It’s not a funny story, actually, but if you really want to know how things got to this point and why it is so important to understand that, bear with me here. Continue reading

Stuff Happens

“…Stuff happens.”

Sure it does. It always will. You can’t get rid of “stuff.”

People die. People die all the time. People die needlessly, all the time. All over the world, people are dying, right now, almost all of them, needlessly. Even many of those dying of old age are dying needlessly early.

So why is everyone so upset about the few who died the other day in Oregon? Continue reading

Why Bernie

Pleasant Progressive LogoMore than a few Democrats I love and respect are considering supporting Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential primary election. The Democratic field is all of two people, and the other candidate is a household name with exceptional political pedigree—so the decision to vote for a relatively unknown “democratic socialist” Senator from Vermont is not the path of least resistance. If you’re a Bernie fan, I assume you’ve chosen to support him because you’ve read, you’ve studied, and you’ve differentiated. If you’re on the fence, I ask that you do just a bit more reading, studying, and differentiating before you buy into “feeling the Bern.” I respectfully submit the following six questions for your consideration in this effort. Continue reading