Who’s Next?

In 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Four days later Hitler declared war on the United States. The enemy was clearly defined. We went to war. We hated Hitler. We hated Tojo. We had been attacked on our own soil. We would destroy those who dared threaten us. Continue reading


If life were the fantasy many seem to think it is, this is how it would be. There would be swirling clouds or low-lying fog with a crash of thunder in the distance.   There would be a whirl of black fabric, a faint whisper of breeze on your cheek, and a witch would lay a little spell on someone. The poor girl’s eyes would lose focus as she fell into the languor of the new reality the witch had created for her; she would sink to the ground, and the woodland creatures would grieve. Continue reading

Dear Christians

I think it may be time to have a chat, so would you all meet me in the back after the sermon this morning, uh…. except for the guy over there “guarding” the altar… yeah, you with the bandolier and carrying the AK-47 because you can… you can leave. The rest of you, please meet me back by the communion wine. There will be no collection, and I think the pastor’s wife baked cookies. Continue reading

The Needs of the Many

We are fourteen months out from the 2016 presidential election. As John Oliver said, there will be children born before then whose parents haven’t even met. And yet there is this sense of … something, isn’t there? If you look carefully you can almost see dogs rouse from sleep, lift their heads, and sniff the air with disquiet, and birds burst from the trees in flocks of confusion and panic. Bunny rabbits are about to stampede but seem unsure about which way to go. There is an apprehension, a low, unheard vibration. Something isn’t right. Or perhaps nothing is right. Continue reading

Smoke and Mirrors

Sometimes I wonder what the hell people are thinking. I know; I know; I’m supposed to be nice, and I’m supposed to be politically correct and I’m supposed to be tolerant, but really? When people post pictures of a stone wall started in the 7th century BC and tout it as a solution to a 21st century immigration issue, I have to wonder what alien plague has taken over their brains. Continue reading