The Red Pill

logo 2015 250x325So, a guy walks into a church… What? Too soon?

Bullshit! A guy walks into a church… a guy walks into a school… a guy walks into a mall… This is America and in America this is a common occurrence. As that great Kenyan liar and black Nazi Satan, President Barack Hussein Obama pointed out the other day, “we as a country, we have to reckon with the fact that this mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries. It doesn’t happen in other places with this kind of frequency.”

Because America is the greatest country in the world! We are exceptional! We have a God-given freedom to kill each other as often as we see fit. Kill our kids in their schools, kill each other in our movie theaters, and kill those uppity black SOBs in their churches. Because…America, that’s why; America, hell yeah, with the confederate battle flag (a symbol of sedition and treason) flying proudly near the capital building in SC and on bumper stickers across the south (and Alaska). Continue reading

Back to Square One – The Culture War

[Part 3 of a Series]logo 2015 250x325

Michigan has passed a bill that allows anyone in a state funded adoption agency to refuse to let you adopt a child if that person feels allowing that adoption goes against his or her religious beliefs. The bill is meant to keep same-sex marriage couples from adopting, but since stating that explicitly would be illegal discrimination, that part is left out. Apparently it’s ok from the point of view of these so-called legislators to discriminate so long as you try to hide that fact. So now employees can refuse to allow you to adopt for any reason at all so long as they claim that reason is based on their religious beliefs. Continue reading

Back To Square One – Part 2

logo 2015 250x325Marco Rubio has inadvertently said something important. (Pause for this to sink in and the mandatory face-palm.)

Rubio, a Republican presidential candidate with a negative net worth, was baptized a Mormon and is now a Catholic. He is the son of Cuban immigrants who has sworn to undo the present administration’s actions to normalize relations with Cuba. He did significant work on an immigration bill which he now would like to forget. He believes life begins at conception, favors ultrasounds before abortions, voted against stem cell research, and wants to give legal rights to unborn children. Continue reading

Back To Square One

I think it may be time to start all over again. From the beginning. Back to square one and all that. Refresh your memories.

Because … 37%? Damn. Really? That’s it? That’s how many registered voters cast a vote in the last election. Remember that? And now we’re sliding down the rabbit hole of another presidential election.

So… I didn’t want to have to do this, but apparently it’s time. Basic stuff. Foundation stuff that can be built on over the next months.

Continue reading