Give Me That Old Time Ebola

curmudgeon logo2It has been a long time since I wrote here.   There are some good reasons – and some not so good reasons.

But let’s get this out of the way right at the outset: EBOLA! EBOLAEBOLAEBOLA! Holy shit, we’re all going to die EBOLA! Obama brought EBOLA from Kenya and is using it to spread an epidemic of Ebolonated socialism across the country. First symptoms are: you have compassion for the poor and then your eyes bleed and you die. E-freaking –bola! According to the former head of the South Carolina Republican Party, anyone with Ebola should be immediately SHOT. It’s the only way to save the rest of us. Continue reading

D.C. Reflections, Part 1

Pleasant Progressive1

As most of you readers know, your kind narrator moved from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco, CA earlier this year. Despite the California sunshine and gorgeous views, I miss a lot of my former life in D.C. and never quite adjusted to the cold fog that covers our summer months here in the Bay Area. Continue reading