When A Beer Is Just A Beer

Pleasant Progressive1Over the past few months, I’ve realized that I’m lonely. I have good friends and a fun social life, but as a single lady living far from my family, I’m missing deeper connection—the kind of simultaneously deep and shallow relationship where someone actively wants to hear all of my mundane life details or idiosyncratic thoughts. It’s not really a sad conclusion as much as an interesting one, as it’s allowed for some pretty good insights. Continue reading

Why It’s Way Too Late for Go F*** Yourself

curmudgeon logo2It’s getting pretty difficult to be pleasant in DC these days.  And if you are going to discuss what is going on in DC these days (and who isn’t), it’s pretty tough to be pleasant just about anywhere else either.  If you write, it’s mandatory that you write about what’s going on in DC these days and that means that there’s a good deal of unpleasant stuff being written, “go F*** yourself” being the least of it. Continue reading

Go F*** Yourself And Other Notes

Pleasant Progressive1It took me a few days to mull over what to say about the government shut down beyond a big go f*** yourself to House Republicans. With some breathing, meditation, and a day or two of furlough, here’s the short of it: Continue reading