You Can’t Fix Stupid

curmudgeon logo2We have a new neighbor.  In our little section of the world this serves as excitement.  The new guy is single, apparently pretty liberal, and except for the fact that he’s a lawyer, seems a good fit to the neighborhood. We can’t all be perfect.  Every Friday night the men in the neighborhood get together for a fire and an adult beverage or several.  Now and then the women’s auxiliary joins us.  A core group of us has been doing this for nearly 20 years now, rain or shine, summer and winter.  We talk about all sorts of things, listen to the same old stories with feigned attention, share our lives and keep each other up on what’s going on in the neighborhood and the world.  We have, of course, solved all of mankind’s problems many times over, although mankind doesn’t seem to notice.  We are convinced that if every neighborhood did this we could solve most problems in short order, but, alas, people are too busy apparently. Continue reading

Shake the Sleeping Baby

Pleasant Progressive1The last few weeks have been busy in Washington, D.C. The Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill, the Supreme Court issued some really fantastic and some not so great decisions, and I spent my spare time making table decorations for my best friend’s wedding. All of this wall-to-wall action got me thinking about the question of calling the question: how does one know when it’s the right time to make the big ask, intervene, or give a situation a gentle push. Continue reading

Beyond Here, There Be Dragons

curmudgeon logo2Most likely, the two of you who read these pieces regularly will have noted that I have absented myself from the inter-webs of late.  Think of it as a high colonic for the soul.  Not only have I refrained from writing, but also from reading the several blogs and columns that I normally seek out to keep me abreast of the world’s inexorable march to whatever fate awaits it.  Meanwhile, of course, the world did in fact march on, but it seems I didn’t miss much. Continue reading