Some More Dualities

Pleasant Progressive1Someone sent a ranty email around at work last week that closed with the line, “stay angry, keep punching, and never let the bastards see you cry.” If there is better advice for making it in the wild world that is politics in Washington D.C., I have not seen it. Yet this advice totally contradicts the vision I have of an open-hearted life—one led with a focus on honesty, kindness, and patience. Perhaps foolishly, this is the kind of life I envision on the west coast, where there’s always time to meditate and eat kale salad. The thing is, I love the idea of anger and fisticuffs and bastardos just as much as I despise the sentiment that success in politics is impossible without them. Continue reading

As Different As It Is The Same

Pleasant Progressive1I always thought I would die at 36 or 37 years old. It’s strange to write it out and see those words on the page, but it’s a truth I’ve known for as far back as I can remember… almost like I couldn’t ever imagine life beyond those years and my creative envisionings of the future ended by mid-thirty. Continue reading

To The Graduating Class of 2013

curmudgeon logo2It’s graduation time again and all over the country the chosen are working on their college graduation speeches.  I’ve never had the opportunity to deliver one of those, but I have often wondered what I would say if I was given the opportunity. To begin with, it’s all been said, right?  How many times can the same old platitudes be reworked and given a new veneer?  It will be the best of times; it will be the worst of times.  Yada yada. Continue reading