The Zombie Apocalypse

curmudgeon logo2I have no idea what the fascination with zombies is all about.  Now, I like a good horror story as much as the next guy.  I used to love Stephen King’s stuff until he started writing down to an eighth grade level to boost sales.  Peter Straub, Shirley Jackson, and Dean Koontz are all on my bookshelf, and I’ve read everything H.P. Lovecraft ever wrote.  But zombies?  Everywhere?  Movies?  Video games?  The Canadian House of Parliament? Continue reading

Questions of Epistemology

Pleasant Progressive1Thanks to their ongoing foot-in-mouth problems, I’ve been mulling over the concept of Republicans saying down right asinine things for a while now. Women’s bodies can shut down pregnancies when it’s “real rape”? Universal access to health care won’t save us money in the long run? Climate change isn’t real? There were weapons of mass destruction? It’s crazy talk—and they keep doing it! Continue reading

I’ll Twit You in the Morning

curmudgeon logo2I am being pressed to become a member of the Twitter.  Apparently you can get twitted with all sorts of timely, awesome stuff, and you can twit yourself to your millions of fellow Twitterers about anything at all – so long as it doesn’t last more than 140 characters.  I think that’s like ten seconds or something and I’m not sure I’ve ever twitted myself for that long.   I’m sure you know all about this, but I have resisted becoming entwittered since this whole thing started for one very good reason. Continue reading

Long Live Our Foreprogs!

Pleasant Progressive1Sometimes it’s hard to be pleasant in progressivism. There are lots of disappointments. Failures, even. The other side is pretty dumb, and seemingly always up to something mischievous. Our knight in shining armor sure gives a good speech, but as all leaders do, Obama disappoints on some pretty important progressive ideals. It’s enough to make one grumpy, or at least reminisce about the good old days of activism. In honor of my rumblings about the current state of political affairs, I’m heading back to the 1970’s! Continue reading

The Shadow Knows

curmudgeon logo2Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show.    Opening line to David Copperfield, Charles Dickens

So, who’s your favorite superhero?    When I was young I was always partial to The Shadow.  I had forgotten all about him until recently when, late at night, the 1994 film of that name with Alec Baldwin was showing on one of the gazillion stations I pay for but don’t usually watch.  “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?   The Shadow knows.”  Great stuff. Continue reading

Why the Stupid Party Isn’t

curmudgeon logo2People have always cheated.  It may be the only institution older than prostitution.  But it used to be that if you cheated, you kept it to yourself.  You weren’t proud of it, and the fewer people who knew about it, the better.  Apparently, this too has gone the way of The Western.

The GOP issued a report recently in which they bragged about how they saved their majority in the House in the 2012 election by cheating.  The GOP is the party Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, supposedly a contender for the GOP nomination for president in 2016 recently called the “Stupid Party.”  “Hello, I’m Bobby Jindal, and I’m running for president under the Stupid Party.”  Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Continue reading

Republicans on Repeat

Pleasant Progressive1

Since November, Republicans have been rethinking their platform, how they’ve been messaging their positions to middle class families, and a whole host of other issues that seem to be dogging them, especially since the rise of the Tea Party. After watching Mitt lose and a handful of winnable Senate seats slip through their hands, some thoughtful GOPers have pushed for the party to be kinder to immigrants and even revive traditional Republican values of a small role for the federal government on issues like defining marriage and women’s rights. Good, necessary stuff. Continue reading