Business As Usual

Warning:  The following contains what anyone who has never spent 15 minutes in a public high school might consider profanity.  No one has ever accused me of social correctness.  No one is forcing you to read this.  If you have delicate sensibilities, go read Jane Austen.

Lair LogoBy the time you read this a new government will have been sworn in, which is to say, that we’ll have the same old government we’ve always had with a few new players.   The new players will have had their day raising their hands and swearing to uphold the whatevers, and then we’ll get back to business as usual.

This pseudo-monumental event would, since I’ve managed to kick my pre-election addiction to cable news pundits, have escaped my notice altogether except for the fact that someone I know was actually involved in all the swearing and upholding.  I’m sure it was great photo op and a scrapbook field day. Continue reading